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Our professionally trained groomers and staff are available Monday through Saturday for regular grooming appointments. Although we are able to take day of appointments some times, we strongly urge you to call well in advance and make an appointment.  Our hours for drop off are 8:00 - 10:00 am.  We close at 6:30 Monday through Friday and  at 5:00 on Saturdays. We are not able to give set prices over the phone, but, can give a range.  Each dog varies due to size, condition, temperament and style that is selected. If you are considering a first visit and would like to know more precisely what to expect, you are welcome to stop in and meet with a groomer before your set appointment.

Dogs are able to leave as soon as they are finished. Early arrival does help, but, doesn't totally insure that your dog will be "first out" as many people arrive early due to work schedules.  If you have a specific timeline that you are working with, be sure to make it known when you make your appointment and when you drop off. There can only be a few "first outs" for each of our groomers.

We do not take dogs out during the day who are not boarding with us. We tried for years to do this but the dogs refused to urinate or defecate if you took them out for a quick break. In their mind, they are being picked up and going home! The only thing that they can think of is finding you and getting in the car! So, unless a longer walk is added to the service ($10.00) , we don't routinely take dogs out.

NEW! Concierge Pick Up! Hate finding parking in the afternoon or early evening when picking up your dog(s)? Just let us know at the time you check in and we can have an employee meet you at your car, take payment, and bring your dog to you!


Cat Grooming

We are happy to announce the addition of Cat Grooming to our services!  Cat grooming covers the brushing out the cat's fur, giving a bath, blow drying, the cleaning of the ears and cutting the nails. For long haired breeds of cats, we offer what is called a Lion Cut. A Lion Cut is where the cat's body is totally shaved leaving the face and tail longer. Many customers opt for Lion Cuts for their cats who are not easy to brush and who suffer from ingesting hair balls from trying to groom themselves. Lion Cuts are the only option for severely matted cats as a cat's skin can not withstand de-matting due to it's thin nature.

Cats do not like leaving their homes and do not like water! That said, we are prepared to work with them compassionately and with caution. If a cat can not be groomed by us because of their fears and we feel that it would be a disservice to the cat to try to make him, we will not groom the cat that Sunday. Customers whose cats react in this way will need to discuss sedatives with their Veterinarian and come up with a plan for the next available grooming date.

Prices will vary due to the kind of grooming the cat needs. Factors that determine pricing are: the condition of the fur, the ease the cat displays during the grooming process and the kind of grooming elected. Badly matted cats take much more time. Whether a brush out and bath are required or even if a Lion Cut is needed, cats who are matted take a lot of time. A cat's skin is very fragile and even using clippers to get under the mats can be treacherous. Tangles pull skin up into them and we have to go extremely slow not to have the clippers cut the skin by accident.

Cat grooming prices range from $75.00 to $95.00


Dog Obedience Classes

Next Class - October 12th

We offer group dog obedience classes on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm at the shop. The classes run for 6 weeks and are taught by professional trainer, Al Marx. The classes are $150.00 and there are usually 6 dogs or less in group. The ages that are appropriate for the class start at 5 months of age and up. Al covers a range of obedience issues during the class. If you would like to know more about Al or would like to be in contact, here is a link to his website: obedienceworks.com